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The Art of
Making Dairy
on Mars 
where there're
No Cows






PURETURE can best be described as a Bio Technology Company. At PURETURE, we are committed to developing animal-free materials that can function like animal protein using only 100% plant ingredients.

The ‘Space X’ project, which aims to establish a city on Mars in this generation, will inevitably have to solve one of the most crucial conditions of human life: Food Sustainability.  PURETURE proposes an innovative alternative to solving this exact problem.

Our new technology allows for us to make all types of dairy products using only plant ingredients and none from cows. As such, considering that plant cultivation is possible on Mars, it would be feasible to open up our very own Dairy Mart on the planet - where dairy products can be reproduced without the need for animals.

With the environmental impacts on our earth, we are inching closer to changes that have never been encountered before. It could be a massive residential migration project to find a new habitat or an inevitable change in the food that we eat.

PURETURE realizes how important it is to prepare for dietary changes and continues to research and develop materials and technologies for essential food changes that will provide us with a richer and long-lasting food culture.


Emulsified Protein

⦁ Non-GMO

⦁ No Animal Ingredients

The core of our raw material technology is to impart

an emulsifying function to plant-based protein. The taste and texture we enjoy from dairy products, such as stretchy cheese, chewy ice cream, and creamy yogurt, are realized through casein protein. 

The issue, however, is that casein protein is a component that exists only in animal milk and cannot be found in plant protein.

That is why it is difficult for plant-based protein to emulate the taste and texture of animal protein. We have succeeded in implementing the most crucial step in the process of replacing casein proteins with plant-based proteins. 

This raw material is key in the technological advancement

on how to completely replace casein by enabling the

development of animal substitutes to contain nutrients, taste,

and texture on an equal level to casein.

Following the successful development of plant-based protein materials, we plan to expand our scope by developing plant-based vitamins, minerals, and functional proteins.

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