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Biotech Company Launches Plant-Based Casein

Biotech Company Pureture launched a plant-based casein that can be used for cheeses and other dairy products. This development will help reshape the alternative dairy industry.

Casein is a crucial part of animal-based dairy products. This protein produces a stable emulsion to prevent the separation of water and fat, which provides milk with a smooth texture. Due to the lack of casein, the majority of vegan cheeses lack certain aspects, such as stretchiness and meltability.

To recreate casein, researchers from Pureture used a proprietary technology and yeast-based, fully plant-based resources that provide comparable functionality to milk, as well as enhanced nutrition and taste. The innovation is lower-priced, sustainable, and replicates casein's important functions. It is also cleaner and does not require the use of gums, starches, and emulsifiers.


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