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Biotech Firm Pureture Unveils Non-GMO Plant-Based Casein for Dairy Alternatives

US biotech company Pureture, announces the launch of a non-GMO plant-based casein designed for alternative cheese, milk, and yogurt formulations.

The biotech claims that its NPD replicats the authentic taste and tecture of dairy and its functions.

Pureture has developed a technology and manufacturing process that allows it to produce casien at a price lower than the industry average. the company intends to join forces with leading dairy firms to create a brand for its plant-based casein.

In addition, it has stated plans to team up with international ingredients suppliers to increase its applications, especially in clean-label products.

Rudy Yoo founded Pureture in 2022 (as Armored Fresh Technologies) in New York, with the mission of developing animal-free ingredients that function like animal protein using only 100% plant-based ingredients. It is worth noting that Pureture is an independent company that operates separately form the plant-based cheese brand Armored Fresh, another company founded and run by Rudy Yoo.

Plant-based casein?

The company explains that it successfully recreated the milk protein casein using yeast and plant-based materials without genetically modified organisms. The company's goal is to provide the alternative dairy industry with a game-changing suitable for making the best dairy while supporting people whit dietary sensitivities and allergies.

"...we're laser focused on developing materials and technologies for essential food changes"

According to Pureture, Its plant-based ingredient offers the same functionality as casein, providing better taste, texture, and nutrition. The formulations deliver stable emulsions and prevent fat and water from separating without adding starches, gums, and emulsifiers. It gives alt milk a smooth texture and provides plant-based cheese whit melting and strerching characteristics. Furtermore, Pureture's plant-based casein is a sustainable solution to animal proteins.

"with this new innovation, we're thrilled to introduce a product that ensures the joy of dairy flavor and texture remains, while delivering a cleaner label and contributing to a more sustainable future. At Pureture, we're laser foucused on devloping materials and technologies for essential food changes, that will provide us with a richer and long-lasting food culture," comments Yoo, who is also CEO of Pureture.

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