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Pureture innovates plant-based casein to transform the dairy industry

New York-based alternative protein company, Pureture, is making waves in the plant-based dairy sector with the creation of their groundbreaking plant-based casein product. While many plant-based alternatives lack the creamy texture and nutritional properties of animal-based dairy, Pureture's product is set to change the game.

Unlike competitors who rely on genetically modified approaches to replicate casein protein, Pureture's solution is entirely non-GMO and plant-based. Most notably, it doesn’t require the addition of starches and gums, which are often used as additives in plant-based products to mimic the creamy texture of traditional dairy.

Pureture sources its protein from yeast, which is cultivated in a 50-liter fermentation tank, enriched, and then separated. The emulsification properties of the protein are thoroughly tested before undergoing a spray-drying process to turn it into a powder. With three 30,000-liter tanks producing 24,000 tons of protein annually, the company boasts a continuous, cost-effective manufacturing process.

By using traditional fermentation, Pureture sidesteps regulatory hurdles, allowing its product to mimic the stretchability, meltability, and creaminess of traditional dairy without the need for additives that often contribute to a chalky texture and separation.

This innovation extends to the price point, making Pureture’s plant-based casein more affordable than existing dairy ingredients. With a focus on nutritional value, the company aims to provide plant-based products that replicate the texture, taste, and nutritional benefits of animal-based dairy.

Pureture is not just looking to build its brand but aims to create a business-to-business model that allows other plant-based companies to incorporate their casein product, eliminating the need for additives and gums without sacrificing taste. The company is nearing a partnership with a major dairy alternative brand and is planning collaborations with major dairy companies and global ingredient vendors to shape the industry.

Pureture's rapid progress positions it to scale up on a commercial level within a year, setting a new standard in the plant-based dairy space and offering solutions for the industry as a whole.


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